Order a Masternode for Helpico

Fill in the form

  • You NEED the latest version, please check your wallet version.
  • Your wallet needs to be 100% synchronised.
  • You need the exact amount of collateral plus transaction fees in your wallet, not on an exchange.
  • Staking is disabled (Lock your wallet)
  • Through this process you will have to unlock your wallet. Do not choose the check box 'For anonymization and staking only.'
  • If you have not verified that you have met the requirements in the checklist, do not proceed and please correct it.

What OS are you running your wallet on?

Preferred Payment Method

Name (optional)

Choose yearly or monthly payment

What is your email for notifications and billing?

The monthly fee will be $15USD.

Due to resources and expenses, mymasternode.com requires payment in advance, not in arrears. You will be billed monthly with the amount due and the address to send it to. If not paid within 48 hours after the bill is sent (1st of the month), your masternode instance will be terminated.

On your wallet, go to Tools > Debug Console. Type the following and copy and paste the output below. Type: masternode genkey

Please choose name of your node

We need to create an address on your wallet to send the collateral to. This address stays in your wallet, as does the collateral. This address is also associated with the node name.

In the debug console type: getaccountaddress nameofyournode

For Example: getaccountaddress node1
This will create an address with the name node1.

This is a good time to backup your wallet.
File > Backup.
It does not matter what you call it or where you put it, as long as you know what it’s called and where it is!

Send the EXACT required amount of collateral to the address you made in Step 2 with NO FEES. (If Possible)

Reminder: You are sending this to yourself, they stay in your wallet.


Go to: File > Receiving address — find the name of your node, highlight it and hit Copy then Close. Next click the Send tab in the main menu.
Paste the address you copied into Pay To:
Label: will show name of the node
Amount: Colateral amount for Helpico is 1008


Make sure there is no transaction fee!
Click on Choose...
Then Check the Send as zero-fee transaction if possible (confirmation may take longer) box.

We need to go back to the debug console, Tools > Debug Console and Type: masternode outputs

Note: I will also need the 0 or 1 at the end.

After this form has been submitted, you will be contacted within 24 hours since the process is not automated. There is no staking during this process, you need to keep your wallet LOCKED until the node is enabled. Once you submit you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive it please check your spam folder.

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